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Meet Your Host - Mike Mella

On a recent episode of the Website 101 Podcast, Sean interviews me about how I got started in web design and development.

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The Website 101 Podcast: Minimal Viable Product

Did you know that I co-host a podcast for website owners with Sean Smith of Caffeine Creations called the Website 101 Podcast? Episode 7 of season 2 has just been released!

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20 Years on the Web!

This year marks an amazing milestone for me: I started building websites 20 years ago!

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Make your content more meaningful to the Web

When an article from your nonprofit's website is shared on Twitter or Facebook, what does it look like? How about when your website appears in Google search results? If you'd like to improve that, you probably can.

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Use social media to promote your website, not replace it.

You’re probably well aware of the affect that social media platforms can have on your nonprofit, so you probably have accounts on many of them. But are you using social media to enhance your Web presence, or are you just spreading yourself thin?

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Do you have a backup solution?

Do you have a backup solution in place for your nonprofit website? If your website suddenly disappears, would you have a copy of all your content? There are many reasons this could happen, and if it does, you need to have a strategy for handling it. The first part of that strategy is having a system in place that creates backups of all your website data on a regular basis.

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Simplify Google Analytics

Gardener: "I planted tomatoes this year!" Friend: "Oh yeah? How are they growing?" Gardener: "I have no idea. I never look at my garden." Silly, right? But are you making the same mistake with visitor tracking on your website?

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Is your website actually helping your organization?

Are you sure your website is actually helping your organization? How do you know? Sure, you can probably find out how many people are visiting your website, but bringing people to your website is not your website's job.

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Is your website secure?

Is there a padlock icon to the left of your website URL? No? That's a problem. Find out how I can help protect your website, protect your visitors' information, and even make Google like you more with SSL.

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Am I human? None of your business.

Are you using any kind of Captcha verification on your forms? Captcha is that test that checks if the submitter is “human.” Whatever your method you’re using to make your visitors prove they're human, stop it.

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I’m not a ninja, rockstar, or guru. I’m a Web Professional.

Are you looking for a Web rockstar? Or perhaps an HTML ninja? How about a user experience guru or a digital geek or a social media nerd? Well keep looking.

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5 reasons you should stop fighting over your nonprofit’s home page

In my latest post on the Nonprofit MarCommunity, I provide 5 reasons you should stop fighting over your nonprofit's home page.

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Why you shouldn’t say “click here”

Is your website riddled with the phrase “click here”? I’m amazed at how often I still see this phrase used as a link label. Using “click here” to identify links is a very bad idea. Here's why...