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Simplify Google Analytics

How does your garden [website] grow? | Simplify Google Analytics

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Gardener: "I planted tomatoes this year!"
Friend: "Oh yeah? How are they growing?"
Gardener: "I have no idea. I never look at my garden."

Silly, right? But are you making the same mistake with visitor tracking on your website? 

So you have Google Analytics installed to track what your visitors do on your website, and you've set up some goals that align with your nonprofit's objectives. Great! But do you actually monitor those statistics? The point of tracking visitor behaviour is so that you can learn which components of your website are helping your nonprofit and which parts need work.

Google Analytics reports help you to streamline your website to meet your audience’s needs and your organization’s objectives, but those reports can only help you if you actually look at them. Unfortunately, Google Analytics intimidates a lot of people, but fortunately, I have some tips on how to make monitoring your visitor statistics much more pleasant. 

Put all the information you want on one screen

Put all the information you want on one screen
Free your mind...

Having felt intimidated by Google Analytics myself, I created my own Dashboard. A Dashboard is a view of your visitor stats that shows exactly the information you want to know about your visitors, all on one screen, so that you don’t have to drill down into the complicated maze that is Google Analytics.

For a limited time I'm offering my Be Like Water Stay Current dashboard for free to everyone who subscribes to my Droplets newsletter. Once you install my dashboard in your Google Analytics account, you'll see the following information about your website, all on one screen:

Make Google email you a report every week

The next step to simplifying Google Analytics is to make it email you those reports on a regular basis. You can receive an email with this week’s stats compared to last week's (or monthly comparisons, or whatever) containing only the information you want - in plain English - all in one document.

Once you’re armed with that information, you can make decisions about which content is resonating with your audience and needs nurturing; and which content is not converting and needs improvement.

I can help

Get in touch with me to create a custom Google Analytics Dashboard for your nonprofit and have it delivered to your inbox weekly (or daily, or monthly...) so you can start to leverage visitor tracking to help your organization.

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