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Skyview Luxury Cottage

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Skyview Luxury Cottage

Skyview Luxury Cottage is a beautiful, secluded rental cottage located in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  I designed and developed the website, which features an embedded Google Calendar to display bookings, and a photo gallery to show all that the property has to offer.  In the sidebar, there are links to helpful ‘travel tools’, such as a currency converter for non-Canadian visitors, and a local weather schedule.  The sidebar also includes a link to an external Google Maps page that shows the locations of all of PEI’s golf courses (golf is big in PEI) and their proximity to Skyview Cottage.

Skyview Luxury Cottage is a quiet getaway that provides relaxation and escape from the busy working life, a quality that I wanted reflected in the website.  It’s a clean-and-simple site with themes of sky-imagery and peaceful settings.

Skyview Luxury Cottage Skyview Luxury Cottage